About Noosa Wedding Photographer – Alan Hughes Photography

I know it’s hard to get a feel for who a person is on these ‘About’ pages, but hopefully through this website; the blurb and the photographs – you’ll get an insight into a little bit about what makes me tick and how I view (photograph!) the world around me.

Of course I haven’t always been a professional photographer, there’s been a few distractions along the way. But I guess I have to give most of the credit to the love of my life Elizabeth, who told me a while ago to stop doing what I didn’t want to do and get on with what I really wanted to do, what my heart what was telling me to do – take photographs.

I have several other (lesser) loves in my life, one of them being history – which I feel kinda goes hand in hand with photography. Seeing things as they were, seeing things as they are – preserving the memories, the feelings and joy of life. Having photographs on the wall or in a book that will make you smile, reminisce or just think.

As far as weddings go I think it’s all about connections – the connection between the people in love and between the people who love each other. Telling a story through images that will be kept and treasured for years and I feel very fortunate to be able to capture the special days of people’s lives. My aim is to make your wedding photography a wonderful part of your wedding experience – not only your images but the service you get.

So go ahead and email me with your vision for your wedding or portrait session or even any project you would like me to help you with. I’m available locally here in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast or can travel anywhere you need me – not too keen on the cold though 🙂

Oh and the other loves in my life are my three gorgeous children…. and I also really love music, epic movies, music and my new guitar!

Warmest wishes,